Hair gets damaged due to numerous factors…

hair-oilingYou will be surprised with the long list of things that harm your hair…

  • improper hair products
  • wrong haircare and application of cosmetics
  • pulling while brushing and hairstyling
  • heat styling
  • dry air, air-conditioning
  • frost and even strong rainfall
  • stress and poor diet
  • pharmaceuticals
  • hair colouring and lightening
  • using flat iron and curler

These are only a few of the whole bunch of factors that weaken hair, hair bulbs, hair stem… Weak hair gets dull, brittle whereas hair bulbs are poorly anchored in hair follicles. As a result, strands fall out in excess

Is there anything that can deliver total hair repair?

Hair shampoos and conditioners works on the hair surface. The action of masks is similar – they repair hair only on the outside because they lack the ability to penetrate through hair cuticles.

In order to be fully repaired, hair needs something that penetrates between cuticles and gets deep inside – to enhance the action of intercellular cement through moisturising and rebuilding its structure.

Main components of intercellular cement are free fatty acids. Therefore, natural oils work in haircare thanks to high concentration of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

What are natural oils?

Natural oils – substances that are cold-pressed from seeds and fruits of plants. They have been appreciated for beautifying and healing properties for ages. You must have heard about argan, coconut, macadamia, sunflower and jojoba oil. An unrefined variety of these oils offers a variety of uses in beauty care. Most of all, natural oils nourish scalp and hair. They provide strands with deep repair whereas regular hair oil treatment makes them far more beautiful.

What is hair oiling?

Hair oiling is an extremely simple and comfortable treatment that can be performed almost any time. Some methods can even be used at work. Hair oil treatment involves applying a natural oil (or a mixture) to hair or hair and scalp (the other form is more beneficial to hair as it guarantees total repair of strands and bulbs).

Hair oiling – why and how does it work?

Hair oiling works inside the hair so your strands receive something more than beautiful look. They are provided with complex care, protection and – most of all – regeneration of hair bulbs which are responsible for hair growth and beauty.

Natural oils are made of particles which – suitable for a hair type – have the ability to penetrate inside the hair and fight for beauty.

How to…? Hair oiling

It is the best idea to oil hair in the privacy of one’s own place. Oiling hair (dry or damp) and scalp bring the best effects. Oils are well-absorbed and keep the scalp healthy. How to do hair oil treatment?

Overnight hair oil treatment

Apply more or less 5 ml (1-2 teaspoons) of the oil to hair and scalp. This amount is perfectly enough to repair and nourish hair as well as scalp. The longer the oil stays on your hair, the better. That is why, leave it in for at least one hour; an overnight treatment is the most effective, you wash the oil off in the morning with a mild shampoo.

Hair conditioning – oiling hair (not the scalp)

There is a quick, easy and effective form of oiling which improves hair appearance. You apply the oil (a few drops) to hair or hair tips. It helps to style the hair, adds gloss, shields from damage. This kind of hair oiling can be done even several times a day: whenever you feel your hair has lost its shine and bounce.