L’Oreal Mythic Oil

loreal-mythic-oilWhat qualities does it have?

The oil offers smoothing and protective properties. It adds amazing shine, defines natural colour and beautifies your hairstyle. It also protects from sunbeams, salty water, heat and other damaging factors. L’Oreal works perfectly before and after washing. It helps to detangle and style your hair and doesn’t make it sticky or greasy. Sadly, it may weigh fine hair down. That’s why, you should apply a small amount of the oil. L’Oreal Mythic Oil protects hair ends and the entire length of your hair. It makes your strands shiny, moisturised, resilient and adds beautiful fragrance. The oil is recommended for all hair types, regardless of length, porosity and damage.

How to use?

L’Oreal Mythic Oil has a semi-fluid formula, which allows for easy application and fast absorption. It doesn’t overburden thick and long hair. Girls, who have short and thin hair, should use the smallest recommended amount. Otherwise, the treatment may prove unsuccessful: your hair would get greasy. How to apply L’Oreal Mythic Oil? Apply it to clean and dried strands or right before styling. If you have fine hair, a half of the pump is enough. Women with long and thick hair can use larger amount. Keep using the product until you can see the improvement.

Using L’Oreal Mythic Oil twice a week is optimal.

What ingredients does it contain?

L’Oreal Mythic Oil contains two very valuable oils: avocado oil and grape seed oil. The first one is rich in vitamins and minerals, the other one – in vitamin E and natural antioxidants. Avocado oil contains few saturated fatty acids but it offers nourishing properties. It is the source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Grape seed oil contains a large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Both oils take care of your hair and scalp. The cosmetic has a few silicones as well. Some of them are volatile and water-soluble. Fragrance substances, synthetic components and alcohols are also included in L’Oreal Mythic Oil.

How long does it hold out?

One bottle holds 125 ml. It is enough for about four months of regular use. The ones with thin hair can make the dose smaller – use one pump instead of two. In this way, they extend the treatment. L’Oreal Mythic Oil will hold out a bit longer.

Does it offer a nice fragrance?

The fragrance is insanely delightful. It is very pleasant and you will enjoy it for a very long time. The aroma of L’Oreal Mythic Oil resembles luxurious body care products. If you want to perfume your hair, try this oil.

Where to buy?

The cosmetic is easily accessible. You will find it at online shops and hair product warehouses. You can also find it at well-stoked drug stores. If you don’t feel like going out, order the product online. Quickly and comfortably!

How much will you pay?

The price of L’Oreal Mythic Oil isn’t high. It goes with the action and ingredients of the oil. Do you know that the price depends on the places where you buy beauty products? Bear it in mind next time when you go to a drug store.


  • conditioning and protective qualities
  • works as a styling primer
  • recommended for all hair types
  • easy application
  • contains natural grape seed oil and avocado oil
  • holds out four months
  • nice fragrance
  • easily available


  • can make your hair greasy