Long hair is trendy and always will be. That is why, most women dream about it. Shoulder or waist-length hair adds femininity and emphasizes our beauty. No wonder women are so eager to grow healthy, strong and beautiful hair as quickly as possible.

Growing hair is a long process, especially if we look forward to the moment when our hair achieves desired length.

It always seems that hair grows very slowly and the whole process becomes tedious.

There are specifics, though, which are able to enhance hair growth, nourish and repair your strands. It’s worth to try them out to enjoy beautiful, long and thick hair after some time.


These substances are number one when it comes to enhancing hair growth, nourishment and repair. They make hair grow faster as well as strengthen it (not only on the surface). Oils have an extraordinary ability to penetrate inside the scalp and hair bulbs – this is where full repair of strands begins. Natural oils should be applied to the scalp and entire length of hair. They strengthen hair bulbs, which allows hair to grow stronger, healthier and more beautiful. Oils boost hair growth and protect strands from damages and harmful effects of external factors. Feel free to apply natural oils only to hair ends which are most delicate and exposed to damage. Hair oiling must be performed regularly so that your hair is permanently provided with numerous substances included in oils: vitamins, minerals and good fatty acids.


Hair growth scalp treatments should be used in the same way as natural oils. They are based on herbal or plant extracts and must be applied more often than hair oils. Frequency (preferably every day) and regularity are important to achieve desired results. An essential piece of information: the treatments are often alcohol-based. These are usually monohydric alcohols which facilitate penetration of active substances into the skin. Unfortunately, they shouldn’t be used by those who have some problems with the scalp e.g. struggle with sebum deficiency. Hair growth conditioners may cause dryness and serious irritation of the scalp.