Dabur Amla

dabur-amlaWhat qualities does it have?

Dabur Amla Hair Oil smooths and adds shine. Thanks to the oil, your strands are moisturised and nourished. The oil offers antioxidant, antiseptic and soothing action. It controls the work of sebaceous glands and reduces dandruff. Moreover, it simulates hair bulbs and enhances hair growth. The product reacts against excessive hair loss, prevents premature greying and slows down ageing processes of the scalp. It makes your hair bouncy and manageable.

Detangling and styling are no longer troublesome. Dabur Amla has refreshing and soothing properties.

How to use?

Dabur Amla Hair Oil has a liquid consistency. Contrary to Coconut Dabur Vatika Oil, it is much easier and better to apply. You don’t need to heat it up. Apply the cosmetic to dry hair and scalp. Leave it overnight and wash down with a mild shampoo in the morning. You will treat your strands to a hair oil treatment – one of the best hair care treatments. Be careful: Dabur Vatika has a very intense fragrance. Wash the hair twice – you will surely get rid of the unpleasant aroma.

What ingredients does it contain?

Dabur Amla Hair Oil contains liquid paraffin, amla fruit extract, rapeseed oil and colourants. Paraffin and synthetic colourants may lead to irritation. Amla fruits are rich in vitamin C and substances which neutralize free radicals. Oleic and linoleic acids, vitamins A, D, E, K can be found in rapeseed oil. Unfortunately, the product isn’t enriched with any fragrance ingredients, therefore its aroma is a bit unpleasant and hard to wash off.

How long does it hold out?

Dabur Amla oils come in different capacities: 100 ml, 200 ml and 300 ml. The biggest one is enough for six months of regular use. If you haven’t used the oil before, choose the smallest bottle to check how it works.

Does it offer a nice fragrance?

Sadly, it doesn’t. You can smell a characteristic aroma of Indian plants. Luckily, the scent vanishes after the second wash and your hair remains smooth and moisturised. If this fragrance bothers you during the application, test the other Dabur oil which has already been presented in the ranking.

Where to buy?

Dabur Amla Hair Oil is not easily accessible. You can find it on Dabur website and online shops. You may try to get the oil at stores offering eco-friendly products.

How much will you pay?

Very little. Dabur Amla hair oils are very popular among women. If you decide to buy the product, remember to check if it really helps your hair and scalp.


  • smooths and delivers shine
  • comes in three capacities
  • contains vitamins and fatty acids
  • easy and quick application


  • unpleasant fragrance
  • poor availability
  • contains liquid paraffin which may cause irritation
  • can make sensitive scalp and weak hair dry
  • low price reflects the oil’s quality